Barcode. This is a technology used to identify and collect data, based on a code or number for an object. This symbol consists of a series of lines with different sizes and alternating parallel spaces, which are arranged according to a certain coding rule so that the barcode reader can read the information.
Or it can be defined in the most understandable way that the bar code is the representation of information that is visible on the surface of the product or goods that we can see and the machine can read.
What is the function of barcode?
Barcode is often used to store information about products such as the country of manufacture, the name of enterprise, etc. Therefore, when searching bar code information, we can know the origin information of that product. Currently, on the phone, there are many applications to be able to scan barcode.
Currently, barcodes are divided into 2 categories:
–One is linear barcode, also known as 1-dimensional barcode (1D). The way to identify this linear bar code is that the barcode are straight lines that are parallel to each other and have difference width. The most typical and most widely used linear bar code is the EAN-UCC type. This is the most commonly used code printed on products around the world.
–Another is 2-dimensional barcode or matrix code. But its advantage over linear barcodes is that it stores more information. Typical examples include QR codes