Hong Dao Chu Lai Joint Stock Company (“Hong Dao” for short), with the headquarter in Chu Lai Open Economic Zone, Quang Nam, is a supplier of carton packaging and packaging printing in the Central Vietnam region market.
Hong Dao was established on 19 November 2004. It is formerly known as Hong Dao Private Enterprise. It started working with the design and manufacture of carton packaging for some small customers. Born with the formation of Chu Lai open economic zone (the first open economic zone of the whole country), besides objective favorable factors, Hong Dao has constantly made efforts to overcome difficulties, rise and affirm its position. Up to now, Hong Dao has become a leading packaging company in the Central Vietnam region and has a high reputation in the regional business community with the motto " selling products to customers is to give customers the highest satisfaction”.
At present, Hong Dao is manufacturing and trading products of carton packaging, paper and paper materials, which are widely used in fisheries, garment, food, furniture... providing printing and publishing services... Hong Dao continually improves, invests in a series of modern machinery and equipment, and expands production plants with an area of ​​over 15,000 m2 with the aim of providing the most comprehensive and qualified packaging solutions.

Hong Dao's packaging products are plentiful from materials, textures, to colors… to meet the needs of different customers, including normal carton, waterproof carton, high-strength carton... In addition, we provide a range of solutions to complete products in order to serve customers such as flexo printing, offset printing, lamination, waterproofing, UV coating, glue, stapling... and consulting support, packaging design, product packaging.


3-layer, 5-layer, 7-layer corrugated machine


Line 1: 40m/minute, size of 1m72


Line 2: 200m/minute, size of 2m2


5 color printers with finished products on the line



6-color flexo printing machine, UV coating, waterproofing, finished product on the line 


Automatic stamping machine


2-color printer


Paper folding machine


Automatic stitching machine